Umbrella strollers

Peg Perego Si
Modern civilization imposes on us the need for constant change, speed of movement and pursuit of comfort; it is also natural for upbringing of children and taking care of them to be subject to similar rules.

In the field of "strollerology", these needs of consumers are also significant and manufacturers adapt to them quickly. A good example here could be city strollers mentioned in the title. This is the simplest type of strollers. Their name comes from the manner of folding - similar to umbrellas. They are designed mainly for short walks, travel and shopping. In the era of constant hurry, movement and activity of young people, this type of stroller - offering ergonomics and optimum adaptation to car – gains growing recognition and popularity.



The smallest and lightest umbrellas are perfect for traveling by plane and train, and all the models fit great even into smallest cars. They are used mainly in the spring and summer. Sometimes they are referred to as transport strollers, which is clear when we take a look at their main functions.

Child should be about one year old, when his or her small spine is already protected by muscles, so that he or she could safely and firmly sit in a stroller. In umbrellas strollers one cannot sleep long because the limited space does not provide too much comfort. Only more expensive umbrella strollers can be switched to flat position, these exceptions are: Peg-Perego Switch Easy Drive Completo, Baby Jogger Vue, Peg-Perego Pliko Mac Laren QuestSwitch, EasyGo Loop, Maclaren Techno XLR.

Advantages: these are the lightest strollers - from 3.5 to 8 kg, easily and quickly foldable, compact, small size before and after assembly, handy, very easy to use, easy to maneuver on hard, smooth roads.


Disadvantages: not enough space for a baby, poor protection of a baby in bad weather, most models cannot be switched to flat position, which makes deep sleep of a baby impossible because he or she cannot lie down comfortably, poor amortization of wheels - definitely not recommended for bumpy, unpaved roads. In one word, these are not suitable for forests and beaches. In spite of poor covering, you can use them in the winter if you buy additional sleeping bag. Some models also offer the option of covering baby’s legs.


Now about the prices. Some can be very low. Prices vary from 100 PLN for unbranded Chinese products without any accessories, to up to 1500 PLN for the best brands like Peg Perego, Mac Laren or Hartan.

The best models in the ranking of umbrella strollers are: Hartan Buggy i-X1, Peg-Perego Switch Easy Drive CompletoBaby Jogger Vue