Tiny newborns must lie for about half a year, because muscles protecting their spines (belly and back muscles) are too weak to sit safely and securely. During that period, mother (or father, grandmother, grandfather) cannot go out for a walk with her baby without a gondola that provides surface flat enough to lie down. A similar role could be fulfilled by completely folding seat designed for newborns. However, it seems that it is healthier, although less economical, to use classic gondola up to around baby’s 6th month.

Most prams with gondola also have a walking seat, which provides the 2in1 option. Usually, such prams are called deep or multifunctional, which appears to be a slight exaggeration, because they offer more options than 3in1 sets with seats 0-13 and the most sophisticated 4in1 combinations, where seller offer also isofix base, that guarantees stable assembly of seat in car with the use of clamps. Both last solutions are designed for the growing number of driving parents and are especially convenient for quick shopping with a child.

In 2in1 prams, gondola is most important, as this elements serves child shortly after birth, provides protection against cold and wind and ensures a healthy, comfortable sleep during a walk. Roughly 80% of customers search for large and comfortable gondola, in which child will enjoy a lot of space. It's easy to guess that there are parents who are fortunate enough to have a big child. However, a large and rigid gondola weighs a lot, so the remaining 20% ​​of customers search for contrary solution – small and lightweight gondola that would fit into car easily. You can easily guess reason for such attitudes.

Another important aspect that is considered by parents when buying, is type of wheels. Life teaches us that we can never have everything. It is true that while using large pneumatic, air or gel wheels comfort is certain but unfortunately such wheels significantly increase pram weight. If you live on a high floor and you have to bring it up, it starts to play a role. Then, the best solution are smaller foam wheels that are pumped and are much lighter. Prams with such wheels can be packed into car much more easily. However, around 60-70% parents, choose large wheels.

The third thing is seat: large, folded, mounted in both directions, with adjustable footrest.

Recently, in the ranking of multifunctional prams, the main criterion of evaluation of which is the popularity among customers and price-performance ratio, leading companies have been: Peg Perego Book Plus S Pop Up, Joolz Day, Baby Design Dotty, Hartan Racer GT, Camarelo Avenger, Maxi Cosi Mura 4 Plus.