All in all, what is this? Advantages, disadvantages, prices.

Right away you can see an analogy to the already known 3in1 travel system, in which on one pram chassis are placed three separate elements: gondola, car seat 0-13 kg or seat for walks.

In our case, on one isofix base is placed carrycot 0-13 kg, and when baby gets older, on the same platform is mounted seat 9-18 kg. In fact, they should be called 2in1 but for marketing purposes, probably for further associations with travel system, the name 3in1 seat is used, which treats base as the third component. Maxi Cosi, the company which is the pioneer in this technology, called such solution Family Concept whereas BeSafe Modular i-Size.

Concept of ​​the system is as follows:

- up to the age of 4 years (when toddler is most delicate) baby uses seat with Isofix system all the time.

- baby is placed backwards or is in the safest position all the time,

- the same base is used for carrier 0-13 and seat 9-18 from the same manufacturer, which means buying one isofix system for two different seats

- application of new height standard i-size, which treats child's size as the main criterion of division instead of the previously used weight, makes more realistic and thereby simplifies selection of seat for a given user

It is worth to note that not all companies apply the principle of placing child facing rear and, e.g. in the model Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 1 Duo Fix, baby is in the forward-facing position.

Now the prices. The cheapest 3in1 set is offered by Peg Perego - about 1800 PLN, for Maxi Cosi Family Concept you have to pay about 1900 PLN, and by far the most innovative and technologically developed is BeSafe Modular i-Size which costs over 2850 PLN. To put it simply - unfortunately safety costs a lot.