All-terrain strollers with pumped wheels, jogging On pneumatic wheels, jogging - all-terrain strollers

Strollers for active lovers of nature, jogging. We recommend them to all parents who live on lower floors, in houses and villages. This is a good choice for rough, rural roads and places with unpaved ground paths.


This kind of strollers is becoming more and more popular. Sometimes this is certain snobbery and the intention of creating this dynamic image is only making an impression on others. It is a fact that in any large population there exists a psychological syndrome of showing off in front of one’s neighbors - the same phenomenon is presentation of a "dynamic" skiing image in places like Krupowki in the mountain resort of Zakopane.


However, looking at the matter in a positive way, noble snobbery can also promote desired values and eventually turn into a real passion so we should not be too critical towards such attitudes.


Walks through forest with such all-terrain strollers, jogging, oxygenation of baby and parents - all this will make it possible for parents who want to take care of their figure and shape, to pursue their personal development without losing precious intimacy with their child.


One reminder: any exaggeration is undesirable and, in our opinion, it is not wise to pursue one’s passions by running marathons with a child. Spending too much time in the same position puts child's spine to risk due to unavoidable micro-vibrations. Above all, let’s remember about the well-being of the baby.


When it comes to evaluation, we provide you with the main advantages and disadvantages of all-terrain strollers with inflatable wheels.


Advantages: Very good amortization of strollers thanks to large pumped wheels, sometimes interchangeable pneumatic wheels (no service), which perfectly imitate pumped wheels. Air in tire and inner tube neutralizes vibrations and makes it easier for parents to control a stroller. High comfort improves baby’s mood and does not expose him to additional shocks. Additional advantage is a good solid frame and covering from rain and wind.


Disadvantages: considerable weight because of robust construction and large pneumatic wheels, there is a risk of puncturing inner tube, prices of these strollers are quite high and range from 1300 to up to 5000 PLN.


The stroller selector allows for choosing the best model. Currently, the leading brands are: Baby Jogger Summit X3, Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle and TFK Joggster III