While looking at such prams from the aesthetic point of view, in more than one eye there will be a tear of nostalgy - this is natural, because stylistics of retro prams with beautiful chrome wheels is a reminiscent of the charm of old memories. In fact, everyone is still a little sentimental - even the toughest guys.

From the point of view of utility, the greatest advantage is comfort of ride, which is created by large spoked wheels. Additional advantage is spacious gondola and large comfortable pram. Disadvantage is significant weight but it is a natural consequence of large wheels, gondola and solid frame.

Modern multifunctional prams in retro classic style offer ergonomic facilities, unheard of in models from the past. An example can be possibility of mounting a car seat 0-13 kg on pram chassis: in this way customers can buy the 3in1 option. For customers who want to get to the golden mean, manufacturers also offer option of choosing a model on slightly smaller, pumped or foam wheels.

A common opinion that such prams are expensive, is a myth. Yes, there are very expensive models, such as the Italian Inglesina Classica or English Balmoral by Silver Cross, but Polish products are "not from the stepmother," and in comparison with foreign models their quality does not differ much, but the price does differ much. We really have something to boast with.

Prices ranges from 950 to 2500 PLN for Polish prams, and from 4000 to 6000 PLN for prams by Western manufacturers. As you can see, prices of Polish products are really cheaper. However, these most expensive models will also find their buyers, as their quality is high, indeed.

Examples of the best and most popular ones are Kunert Romantic, Lonex Classic, Adamex, El-Jota models, a few years ago the leader was Roan Marita, but its heyday is probably already gone.