Birth of two babies means double happiness, but also double expenses, work and responsibility. That's how it is in this world: something for something. That is why it is important for efforts of parents of twins not to go "in vain", they should be reasonable and thought through. In the following guide, we will try to help you with this by presenting practical advice, helpful when buying a twin pram.

Primary division depends on the age of child: for two newborns are necessary deep prams with gondola, as babies still need to lie down and be well protected from cold and wind. Of course, these strollers are fully multifunctional and also have reclining seats, so when babies are a little over half a year old and enough rigid spine, instead of gondola, they can use walking version.

This type of prams are large and comfortable for children – usually they have pumped, large wheels, but unfortunately they are heavy and require a lot of space in your flat and car. Their cost ranges from 1500 to 6000 PLN, depending on their details and brand quality. You can buy really great models for a little more than 2000 PLN.

Another very popular type of double prams are models for children over six months, which can be bought in a larger and more expensive version with seats next to each other, and a cheaper tandem option, i.e. with seats one behind the other. The latter type, however, is paradoxically more difficult to handle than the model with seats next to each other. The prices range here from 700 to 4500 PLN.

The lightest version are double umbrella prams, which are simply two umbrella prams connected with each another. Of course, these prams are most handy, but are suitable only for children older than one year and when it is warm outside. When it is cold, you must also buy a cover for babies’ legs and sleeping bags. They are indispensable in travel and airplane, their prices ranges from 500 to 2000 PLN.

Manufacturers use certain innovations and upgrades, adjusting new models to changing customer preferences, but these double pram types are predominant and most frequently chosen by customers.


Prams for siblings (year after year) become increasingly popular, who knows if this is not the best model for children whose birth was inspired by the program 500+. Maybe we're wrong, but this type of prams can be a hit in next years. Time will tell. The most popular models of this type belong to the companies Baby Jogger and Phil and Teds.



A separate chapter are 3in1 twin prams - in addition to multi-functional model, for every child we buy a car seat 0-13 kg. Of course, all this means bigger expenses, but it is a set which would be appropriate for all occasions. In double prams it is much more difficult to mount two seats on the same chassis safely. Here we should praise the Polish company Dorjan that overcame technical problem for very little money, but in foreign models, for example produced by the company Hartan, the same adapters with appropriate chassis can cost up to about 700 PLN. The same 3in1 twin prams cost from 1800 to more than 6000 PLN.

Among other observations, we need to mention that customers often search for models with separate gondolas, which means that children are partly separated and do not disturb each other - one can sleep, the other have fun at will.

Recently gel wheels have become fashionable, but they have not yet gained recognition of manufacturers of double prams, it is expected that this will change in the near future.

Twin prams are difficult to dispatch due to their large size - online stores cannot always deal with this problem, but of course there are some positive exceptions.